Seal kit DISA

DISA (adjustable air intake) seal kits

The DISA unit (differentiated intake) is responsible at BMW for optimal intake of air into the combustion chamber. The length of the suction pipe is variable and is adjusted depending on engine speed and load to provide at all times as much power and torque as possible.

If the engine speed drops especially in the lower speed range and during the cold start phase, if you can here a whistle noise from the engine or even multiple error codes should be stored in the engine control unit, this can be caused by the sealing ring, which is mounted on the disa unit.

We offer seal kits for both M43, M44, M52TU, M54 and for M56 engines. In the seal kit for M54 / M56 engines, two sealing rings are included because there are two versions of the DISA unit for these vehicles. Please only change the matching o-ring.

DISA-Einheit M43/M44

BMW Dichtsatz Disa M52TU

DISA-Einheit M52TU

BMW Dichtsatz Disa M52TU

DISA-Einheit M54/M56

BMW Dichtsatz Disa M54

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