Seal kit vacuum pump

Seal kit vacuum pump

Many owners of a BMW vehicle know the well-known problem that affects a lot of BMW models: The vacuum pump is leaking and at BMW’s you can only buy the small seal, although in most cases, the larger seal inside the vacuum pump has become brittle, which is responsible for the leak. The leaking occurs due to the inferior materials from which the seals are made. They are not well suited for use in the engine due to the high temperatures and can therefore no longer seal properly.

Since 2009, we have taken this problem and provide the said seals of excellent quality and at an unbeatable price. You can buy these seal kits in our own shop. Basically, we sell two different seal kits for the vacuum pump. One seal kit with standard o-rings and one seal kit with viton o-rings. While the standard o-rings are very durable if installed properly, the viton o-rings are much more resistant to mineral oil and high temperatures in the engine. These are therefore a little more expensive.

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe N42 N46

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe N62 N73

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe M41/M51

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe M47 M57

Variant 1:

Variant 2:

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe N43

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe N20/N26

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe N51/N52

  BMW Dichtsatz Vakuumpumpe N53/N54

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