Seal kit VANOS

Seal kit VANOS

If you own one of the vehicles listed below, the o-rings and seals in the vanos unit of your BMW vehicle wear out after a certain period of time and the vanos unit does not work properly anymore. The VANOS unit by BMW stands for Variable Camshaft Timing (Variable Nockenwellensteuerung) and is responsible for the variable timing of the camshaft in relation to rpm, torque and engine oil temperature.

The original seals installed in the vanos unit are not suitable for the use in the engine and this causes the sealing rings to not seal properly anymore and the vanos unit to fail.

BMW does not offer these seals separately, but only the complete replacement of the vanos unit. But even in this exchange unit, the installed seals are again of inferior quality that wear out after a short service life of the engine.

We at MJ Products have dealt extensively with this topic and have been offering seal kits for VANOS units for over several years now. Our repair kits are only made of high quality materials to prevent a failure of the VANOS unit in the future.

Our products are manufactured 100% in Germany. This includes both the viton o-rings and the PTFE seals. Our PTFE seals, which are largely responsible for the correct functioning of the VANOS unit, are manufactured with a tolerance of 8/10 mm to 2/10 mm on modern CNC machines to ensure a good fit.

Another crucial factor is the compounds that are added to the PTFE during production. These have a significant impact on the properties. We use a composite of 3 different filling materials, which greatly increases the wear resistance and abrasion resistance at a very low coefficient of friction. This allows a long life and increases the reliability of the sealing rings.

Competitors' seal rings do not have the characteristics listed above. The seals are often produced with large tolerances. Either wrong or even no compounds have been used, although they have a strong influence on the wear resistance. Of course those kinds of seals are less expensive to produce.

Although our products are a little more expensive, you can rely on our many years of experience in this field. Against the trend of cheap and poorly finished products, we hve chosen to produce reapir kits that are worth their money and keep the VANOS unit in your vehicle working for more than only one year.

Typical symptoms:
- loss of torque and power especially in the lower and middle RPM range
- uneven power and rpm distribution
- louder and uneven idle
- difficult takeoffs
- increased fuel consumption

By the VANOS seals failure affected vehicles:

Single VANOS

BMW 6-cylinders engines M50TU, M52, S52 manufacturing year 1992-1999

3er BMW E36 1993-1997
5er BMW E34 1993-1995
5er BMW E39 1996-1998
7er BMW E38 1995-1998
Z3 BMW E36 1996-1998

Double VANOS

BMW 6-cylinders engines M52TU, M54, M56 manufacturing year 1998-2006

3er BMW E46 1998-2005
5er BMW E39 1999-2003
5er BMW E60/E61 2002-2005
7er BMW E38 1998-2001
7er BMW E65/E66 2002-2005
Z3 BMW E36 1998-2002
Z4 BMW E85 2002-2005
X3 BMW E83 2003-2006
X5 BMW E53 2000-2006

VANOS unit M62TU

5er BMW E39 1996-2003
7er BMW E38 1996-2001
7er BMW E65/E66 2002-2005
X5 BMW E53 2000-2006

VANOS unit S50B30

3er BMW E36 1992-1996

VANOS unit S50B32

3er BMW E36 1995-1999
Z3 BMW E36 1997-2003

VANOS unit S54

3er BMW E46 2000-2004
Z3 BMW E36 1998-2003
Z4 BMW E85 2002-2008

VANOS unit S62

5er BMW E39 1998-2003
Z8 BMW E52 2000-2003

Seal kits

We offer seal kits for various VANOS units. They can be purchased on our own Shop. By clicking on one of the links below, you are directed to the correct seal kit.

Attention: Due to the according to our experience less than optimal calculated grooves of the solenoid valves in S50B30, S50B32 and S62 engines, it can lead to leaks there despite fitting o-rings. Despite a relatively strong compression in the installation space and the use of harder o-rings, there is an increased risk of extrusion. We therefore recommend the use of our reinforced seals for solenoid valves. The installation of the standard o-rings for the solenoid valves happens at your own risk and should only be considered as a cheap and temporary solution.

VANOS unit M50TU M52 S52

BMW Dichtsatz Einfach-VANOS

VANOS unit M52TU M54 M56

BMW Dichtsatz Doppel-VANOS

VANOS unit M62TU

BMW Dichtsatz Vanos M62TU

VANOS unit S50B30

BMW Dichtsatz Vanos S50B30

VANOS unit S50B32

BMW Dichtsatz Vanos S50B32

VANOS unit S54

BMW Dichtsatz Vanos S54

VANOS unit S62 MJ 1998, 1999

BMW Dichtsatz Vanos S62

VANOS unit S62 MJ +2000

BMW Dichtsatz Vanos S62

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