VANOS seal kit for S62 engines (manufacturing year 2000+)

We offer a complete VANOS seal kit for various BMW models. 

If your engine is equipped with a VANOS unit, you might experience the following symptoms:

- loss of torque and power especially in the lower and middle RPM range
- uneven power and rpm distribution
- louder and uneven idle
- difficult takeoffs
- increased fuel consumption

This is most likely caused by faulty seals inside the VANOS unit, which are not able to withstand the high oil pressure anymore that is used to control the variable valve timing.

Here you have option to purchase high-quality replacement seals and to save a lot of money compared to the purchase of a new VANOS unit. All o-rings are made out of heat and wear resistant Viton (FPM/FKM) and the PTFE seals are CNC-milled to our specification in Germany.

Attention: Due to the fact that the groove of the solenoid valves in S50B30, S50B32 and S62 engines was, in our opionion, not optimally designed by the manufacturer, leaks can occur despite the appropriate o-ring size. Despite a strong compression in the installation location and the use of harder o-rings, there is an increased risk of extrusion. We therefore recommend using the reinforced sealing rings for thr solenoid valves. Installing the o-rings for the solenoid valves that are part of this seal kit is therefore at your own risk and should only be regarded as a cheap and temporary solution.

Vehicle compatibility list:

BMW 5 series E39 M4.9 1998/01-2003/06 4941 ccm, 294 KW, 400 HP
BMW Z8 E52 4.9 2000/06-2003/06 4941 ccm, 294 KW, 400 HP