Repair kit DISA

DISA (adjustable air intake) repair kits

The DISA unit (differentiated intake) is responsible at BMW for optimal intake of air into the combustion chamber. The length of the suction pipe is variable and is adjusted depending on engine speed and load to provide at all times as much power and torque as possible.

In M52TU and M54 engines may be damaged because of a very fragile plastic fastening of the DISA flap, if parts of the DISA unit get into the combustion chamber. The original parts are due to their material (mainly plastic) and a bilateral rather than a continuous attachment also highly vulnerable to wear. A no longer correctly working DISA unit quickly leads to power losses, since the optimal air supply depending on engine speed and load can not be guaranteed anymore.

If a DISA unit is installed on your vehicle, the following problems may happen to your vehicle after some time:

- Loss of torque and power
- loud clicking noises from within the DISA unit
- Sucking noises through the suction of false air

Here you have the opportunity to replace the old, fragile plastic parts of DISA unit by CNC-machined aluminum and steel parts and thus prevent engine damage. By replacing the plastic parts, the flap control works again as before, and by the installation of the sealing ring suction of false air is effectively prevented.

Like nearly all our products, the parts of this repair kit, in particular the CNC-machined aluminum or stainless steel parts, were manufactured entirely in Germany. The tolerances are under 2 / 10mm.

DISA repair kit M54 2,2l 2,5l

BMW Dichtsatz Disa M52TU

DISA repair kit M54 3,0l

BMW Dichtsatz Disa M52TU Viton

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