Revisions / Upgrades

– January 2010

Subject seal kit vacuum pump M47/M57: Distribution of the seal set in two different variants in order to ensure the proper fit in the two different vacuum pumps.

– April 2012

Subject seal kit M54 DISA: Due to various embodiments of the DISA unit in M54 engines, several seals are included in each seal kit now.

– May 2013

Subject VANOS seal kit M62TU: Increase of the edge strength in the seal, to withstand the pressure of the o-ring with a stronger compression.

– September 2014

Subject seal kit fuel line: Seal kits are designed universal to avoid too many variants of the seal kits by overlapping of different models.

– January 2015

Subject VANOS seal kit M52TU M54 M56: Increase of the compression of the large piston seal from 14% to 18% by changing the PTFE seal and o-ring measures with the aim of an increased tension.

– March 2015

Subject VANOS seal kit S62: Due to overlap of the VANOS units in S62 engines in the manufacturing years 1998 and 1999 the seals for VANOS units in S62 engines before the manufacturing year 2000 come with two different versions of the small piston seals. When repairing only the suitable piston seals have to be used.

– April 2016

Subject Viton rod seals for the hydraulic cylinder 1298000272 (SL R129): Because of a softer material mixture of the Viton rod seal, in some cases these seals can no longer withstand the enormous pressure in the main cylinder and become leaky. The old rod seal is replaced by a custom profile seal along with an increased compression.

– January 2018

Subject seal kit vacuum pump N20/N26: Merging the two variants of the seal kit into one universal seal kit for all N20/N26 engines.