About us

About us

The MJ Produkte GmbH - Your strong partner when it comes to development, manufacturing and distribution of technical car solutions.

Since 2014, we offer as a company with limited liability (before this, the company was run under the name "MJ Produkte") improved sealing and repair kits for selected vehicle components in which the factory installed parts tend to wear out very quickly and the whole component therefore stops working properly. Devised and developed by us, we cooperate with German manufacturers, who then produce these products to our specifications.

Our famous, in-house developed solutions for the automotive sector include the VANOS seal kits, which is a cheap and fully fledged alternative to replacing the entire VANOS unit in BMW engines. Each year, several hundred VANOS units are repaired with our seal kits, so that the engine can exploit the full performance potential again.

In addition we offer mainly for BMW and Mercedes models many other high quality repair kits, which are not available individually, but in which only a costly and avoidable replacing of the entire unit is possible. Our focus has always been on a high quality of our products and the associated significantly longer service life. We achieve this through the use of high-tech materials that are tailored to the respective application and meet in most cases considerably higher demands than is really necessary (including higher temperature resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, lubricity etc.). Although a very low price is the most important aspect for many customers when buying goods, we have deliberately decided against this trend always of products becoming cheaper and the associated loss of quality of important parts in vehicle components.

That "made in Germany" still can stand for quality and reliability when it comes to technical solutions for cars and is also recognized, can be seen when one has a closer look at our exports all over the world. Currently the company exports to foreign countries (56.8% to EU, rest goes to North America, South America and Asia ) is approximately 32.4% of the total revenue (fiscal year 2014, data rounded).