Convenient online shopping

In our extensive online shop ordering is quick and easy on the hand. In order to keep the shipping time as short as possible, there are always more than 80,000 items in stock.

Save money

Through the use of improved sealing and repair kits, in many cases the costly replacement of an entire vehicle component is not necessary. This makes it possible to save up to 95% material costs.

Save time

Often when using original parts, repairs must be performed more frequently (eg guide rails and slider rails). This time you can save yourself and instead install unique high quality parts.

Checked quality

When we develope and manufacture our individual solutions for the car sector, the focus is always on the highest level of quality and the resulting longevity of our products.

Our aim: The best service

If, despite all efforts something should not work exactly as intended, whether in the order, shipment or installation, it is a major concern of ours to find the best possible solution to the problem.

Workshop in your area

Many customers have to rely on a good service partner nearby when it comes to installing car parts. For this reason, we are expanding our partner network continually to be able to refer clients throughout Germany (and other countries in the future) to a competent workshop.

Development - Production - Distribution

From the idea to the finished product - Everything comes from the same source. To be able to guarantee high quality materials and very low manufacturing tolerances in the fabrication process as well (the only outsourced part of the production chain), we only cooperate with selected German manufacturers.