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Welcome to the MJ Produkte Shop!

We offer retailers and repair shops as well as consumers high-quality automotive solutions for a variety of problems occuring in certain car models after a while. We specialise in problems that owners of German makes and models have to deal with. To ensure a long lifetime and operational safety of our products, we cooperate exclusively with our trusted suppliers and have all of our custom seals and parts manufactured in Germany.

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Simple and convenient online shopping

We have more than 80,000 items in stock at all times to keep delivery times as short as possible. Due to the low shipping costs of only $5.90 per order within the United States, individual orders with small purchase quantities are also possible at low cost.

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Fast and reliable shipping

We are dedicated to provide you with fast and reliable shipping. Thanks to our new and improved US warehouse and our cooperation with the United States Postal Service, we offer several express shipping options and can even ship to PO Boxes. Shipping is free on all US orders over $70.

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Secure payment

Our online shop uses SSL/TLS, that means that all information transmitted to and from our website is encrypted, ensuring it is protected from third parties attempting to access it. This also means that when you use the ckeckout, all information sent to our payment providers is protected.

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Checked quality

In an effort to meet our customers' high expectation of quality, we rely on our trusted suppliers and continue to have all of our custom seals and parts manufactured in Germany and import them into the United States.

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Our goal: The best service

If, despite all of our best efforts, you run into an issue whether it is related to the ordering, shipping or installation process, it is a major concern of ours to find the best and fastest possible solution for that problem.

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International shipping

Although we are based in the United States, we are happy to export any of our products. Ever since we started our company in 2014 in Germany, international buyers have made up more than 32% of all sales (2014 - 2023, data rounded).