Seal kit hydraulic cylinders (soft top system)

Seal kit hydraulic cylinder (Soft top system)

Many owners of Mercedes SL cabriolets know the problem: After some time the hydraulic cylinders, which handle the opening and closing of the soft top, leak and therefore do not work properly anymore.

This happens because of the cheap materials used by Mercedes for the o-ring and the rod ring. These materials cannot handle high temperatures (which are even increased by the pressure within the hydraulic cylinder) and leak after some time.

For this reason, we offer rod rings made of the standard material AU (red color) as well as rod rings made of a Viton compound (brown color). While Viton has the same positive hydraulic properties as AU, it also can resist temperatures up to 200°C and is more durable.

Whether you should use the rod rings made of AU (red color) or the rod rings made of Viton (brown color), depends on how long the rod rings should seal the hydraulic cylinder. Usually Viton is more durable and heat resistant, therefore the rod rings made out of this material have a longer lifetime. Of course this material is a bit more expensive than AU.

The rod ring and the o-ring are, like all products we offer, made by a german brand manufacturer and guarantee a long lifetime without losing their functionality.

We offer seal kits for the following models:

R129 SL 280
R129 SL 300
R129 SL 320
R129 SL 500
R129 SL 600
R129 SL 55 AMG
R129 SL 60 AMG
R129 SL 73 AMG

R230 SL 280
R230 SL 300
R230 SL 350
R230 SL 500
R230 SL 600
R230 SL 55 AMG
R230 SL 63 AMG
R230 SL 65 AMG
R230 SL 63 AMG Black Series

R170 SLK 200
R170 SLK 200 Kompressor
R170 SLK 230 Kompressor
R170 SLK 320
R170 SLK 320 AMG

R171 SLK 200 Kompressor
R171 SLK 280
R171 SLK 300
R171 SLK 350
R171 SLK 350 Sportmotor
R171 SLK 55 AMG
R171 SLK 55 AMG Black Series

W124 E 200
W124 E 220
W124 300 CE
W124 E 320

W208 CLK 200
W208 CLK 200 K
W208 CLK 230 K
W208 CLK 320
W208 CLK 430
W208 CLK 55 AMG

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SLK R170:

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